Safety Products

Seattle Boat Works is a dealer for the following 3 innovative safety products:

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Self – Inflating Man Overboard DAN Buoy


Video of DAN Buoy Use

This self-inflating dan buoy resolves challenges in quickly deploying man overboard gear by bringing all pieces together in one fluorescent green/yellow unit with whistle.
It is easy to see, easy to hear, easy to stow, and easy to deploy.

List price $350. Your  price  $295 / Mounting bracket  $55

Man Overboard Retrieval Sling (REEL SLING)


Reelsling includes 160′ floating retrieval line, high–vis floating collar with SOLAS

light reflective material, whistle; components deploy from a long lasting, attractive, easily leaned PVC bag. Instructions printed on bag. All with sturdy construction, bag with velcro tabs easily secured to vessel for quick access and quick deployment. The Reelsling makes quick, easy, economical work of man overboard recovery. To give your MOB the best odds of getting back onboard, we recommend the following procedure.

How To Use Reelsling
When you mount Reelsling outside on your vessel, tie the line’s bitter end to a strong point (make fast to boat the end furthest from the float). Periodically double–check that connection to boat. The bitter end is covered with UV light resistant rope because it remains exposed to the elements. The Reelsling stays stowed in its bag until needed.

Emergency Ladder and Parbuckle


SOS Marine Recovery Ladder was nominated for a DAME award at the 2015 METSTRADE show in Amsterdam. It is made from dayglow polyester mesh
offering two means of exit from the water. Able crew can climb the integral ladder rungs, while injured, disabled, or hypothermic crew can be parbuckle lifted aboard using your halyard , davit, or block & tackle.

How To Use
When you first acquire yours, set it up for future deployment on your boat–before you have a crew overboard. Take your time, in advance of need, to determine how rigging on your boat can best be handled. You might rig the ladder to a length of line fastened between stanchion bases, or rig through hawse pipes, or over the gunwale, to a cleat, or to pad eyes or other strong points. Once you decide how best to secure the recovery ladder for use, why not leave that rigging fastened to the ladder. When the time comes to recover your overboard crew, that line will be already tied to your recovery ladder, the lengths will be properly adjusted, all waiting in the ladder’s integral stuff sack, ready to use.

Follow The Steps To A Safe Recovery
You can think of MOB recovery as a group of modules, a sequence of events, or steps:

1. mark the overboard crew’s location, as with a dan buoy

2. get boat and crew alongside, as with a Reelsling get

3. crew back aboard, as with the SOS Marine Recovery Ladder.