About Us

Seattle Boat Works was founded by son and father Alex and Jack Wilken, drawing on expertise from a combination of formal education in marine carpentry and cabinetry, boat building experience, underwater boat maintenance and repair as well as decades of cruising North & Central America,  Europe and North Africa on their own sailboats.


Want to come work with us? Submit a resume and information to alex@seattleboatworks.com

Captain Alex Wilken – Principal

Credentials and Experience:
  • USCG 100 ton MASTERS LICENSE- endorsed for Sailing and Towing

  • Associate of Applied Science in Marine Carpentry

    • Graduate of Seattle Central Community College, Wood Construction Center

    • Specializing in fine woodwork and boat building

  • Scuba Instructor (PADI)

  • Sailing Instructor (US Sailing and ASA)

  • Graduate of HARKEN University Rigging Training

  • ABYC certified electrician

  • Authorized Hurricane Heater technician

  • Delivery Skipper

  • Experienced in welding and foundry work

  • Born in San Jose, Costa Rica 1981. Cruised with family in Central America, Caribbean, US and Mediterranean until 2004.

  • Moved to Seattle in 2004, and began working in marine industry locally shortly thereafter.

Captain Jack Wilken – Consultant

Credentials and Experience:
  • USCG 100 ton MASTERS LICENSE- endorsed for Sailing and Towing

  • Boat Building Experience

    • Quality Control and Engineering Manager Westsail Corp 1974 – 1977

    • Built tooling and was Manager of Crealock 37 project- 1977 – 1979

    • Manager for Pacific 41 tooling in Taiwan  1979 – 1980

    • Built a Kendall 32 (later known as a Westsail 32)

  • AA Degree in Technical Oceanography, Fullerton College, Fullerton, CA      1966 – 1969

  • Los Angeles County Diving Instructor, #15UICC 1965

  • USCG (Reserve) First Class Quartermaster 1963-1970

  • Cruised with wife, Arden and eventually 3 children aboard Yamaha 33, Wauquiez Pretorian 35 & Galapagos 50   (French built steel ketch) from 1979 to 2004 in Canada, US, Central America and Mediterranean

A Family Business at Heart

Although Alex is now the principal, it is at times often a family affair. Jack continues to consult, sharing his many decades of experience, Alex’s mother has provided much office support,  and Alex’s sisters have participated in show booth staffing, web design, and generally trouble making as younger sisters should.